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Two must-do steps to prepare your fuel tank for summer

Your operation works as a system, to truly get it in top form, it's important to start with preventive maintenance at the source: your bulk fuel tank.

Start the new season with a new grease

As you prepare for and start planting season, don't forget about grease.

The anatomy of a lubricant

Whether on the farm or at the shop, lubricants are a critical step in any maintenance program to keep equipment running smooth. But do you know what actually makes up these important lubricants?

Protecting your equipment in extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures can be brutal to your equipment – especially on moving parts inside the engine.

Save money with a propane-powered car

Sure, it’s not a time-traveling DeLorean or a stunt-performing Charger, but the CHS Taurus can do something just about as amazing: run on both propane and gas.

Eliminate risk: Protect your equipment

Of all the risks you must manage as a farmer, one of the biggest, and often most expensive, is your equipment.

Party-time hot spots. Powered by propane.

Parties are for celebrating the people who matter most in our lives. When friends and family gather near, that time spent together is special.

It's never too late to winterize your diesel

Switching to a winterized diesel during the coldest months of the year can be an important move to protect your equipment in the harshest elements.