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What's in Your Fuel Tank?

With harvest right around the corner, it’s time to ask yourself: What’s in your fuel tank? The answer may surprise you.

William Michael Morgan and Cenex Hit the Road Together

This year, Cenex® is proud to partner with rising country music star William Michael Morgan as he tours across the country.

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip

We recently partnered with Cenex to help us plan and fuel our epic summer road trips and provide you some tips on how to plan the perfect, EASY summer road trip.

Top 5 Benefits of Premium Diesel

Whether you’re a fleet owner or a farmer, there are many important decisions to make for your business and operation.

Buy Your Propane Now for Next Season

During the heat of summer and the height of growing season, your propane supply might be the last thing on your mind.

How to Keep High-Mileage Fleet Vehicles on the Road

Even when everything is running smoothly, maintaining a fleet of high life-cycle heavy duty trucks is no easy or inexpensive task.

Road Trip Stories Everyone Can Relate To

While road trips are a classic American experience, we’ve all heard at least one story of plans gone awry at 65 miles per hour.

How Data Can Improve Your Fleet Efficiency

There is information right at your fingertips that can greatly improve the efficiency of your fleet.