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Party-time hot spots. Powered by propane.

Parties are for celebrating the people who matter most in our lives. When friends and family gather near, that time spent together is special.

The Super Bull. Powered Locally.

With more than 1,500 independently owned and operated Cenex locations across the heart of rural America, no two are the same.

The Story of Albert the Bull: Community Pride in Audubon, Iowa

If you have yet to visit Audubon, Iowa, put it on your must-see list now.

Winter Sports: Powered by Propane

Propane is great for heating your home or business, but here are some other surprising ways this fuel pulls double duty during the winter.

How to Free Your Frozen Car

There are many things to love about winter. A frozen car, however, isn’t one of them. Learn a few tricks that might come in handy.

Around-the-house Uses for Grease in the Winter

Snow, dry weather and creaky door hinges are here. Learn tips to keep things working smoothly.

How to Safely Jump-Start Your Car Battery

Discover the 10 easy steps to safely and properly jump-start your car battery.

Trick or Fleet: Unmasking Premium Fuel

In Cenex® premium fuel, there are seven additives that work together to keep engines cleaner and increase performance.