School is out for the summer. For parents on farms and ranches, that means the kids will be helping with chores and hanging around farm equipment, animals and potentially hazardous materials. According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the nation and has been compared to working at a construction site. Every day, nearly 38 children are injured in an agriculture-related incident. Teaching your children farm safety practices can help prevent injuries. Here’s a list of the web’s best resources on keeping children safe on the farm.

Creating Safe Play Areas

Cultivate Safety developed a guide to creating “safe play areas” on farms that are away from dangerous farm equipment and activities. These areas limit exposure to traffic, agricultural production and environmental concerns while still allowing children to experience physical, emotional and social development.

Kid-Focused Educational Resources

Farm Safety For Just Kids offers various resources and programs to help teach farm safety. The organization’s website features lesson plans and activities for kids of all ages, focused on topics such as animal safety, ATV and tractor safety, and more. Downloadable puzzles and games make the learning fun and informative for kids.

Interactive Tools and Child Development Resources

Cultivate Safety’s website offers a variety of interactive tools, videos and resources to help parents. Their Child Development Chart is especially helpful for parents who are wondering about their children’s cognitive and physical abilities.

Video Resources

The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers has a YouTube channel with videos about pesticide, grain and machinery safety. These short, informative videos feature personal stories, case studies and tips. Worth watching.

A History Lesson

If you’re interested in learning the history of the National Committee for Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention (NCCAIP), visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. The site discusses the formation of the committee and data from national surveys.

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