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When you need to keep things moving, rely on Cenex® lubricants. Our family of advanced products spans the full range of technologies, including conventional lubricant fluids, full and partial synthetics, and bio lubes made with vegetable oil. See below for our complete lubricant product categories.

Engine Oils
Each of our Cenex® Engine Oils have been specifically formulated to properly lubricate, protect, and extend the life of a wide variety of engine types. Plus, we feature several synthetic and full synthetic blends that qualify for the 10-year/10,000-hour Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty.
• Maxtron®
Maxtron® Enviro-Edge®
Maxtron® Enviro-Edge®

Maxtron® DEO
Maxtron® DEO Spanish
Maxtron® PCMO
Maxtron® PCMO Spanish
Auto Gold®
Auto Gold®Spanish

• Auto Gold® HMO
Superlube TMS®
Superlube TMS® Spanish 
• Superlube 518®

• Irriflex®

• NGEO 2000 LA

• NGEO 2500 MA

• NGEO 3000 NA

• Railroad Diesel Engine Oil

Tractor Fluids
When you're working hard in the fields, Cenex® tractor fluids work even harder to protect all your tractor's vital parts — transmission differential, wet brake, power steering and hydraulics — to ensure its optimum performance. Plus, Cenex tractor fluids are designed specifically for use in agricultural equipment, so you know you're putting only top-quality products into your investment.
• Maxtron® THF+
QwikLift® HTB®
QwikLift® HTB® Spanish
• Biomax THF
• Circle 3® Lubricant

Transmission Fluids
The superior frictional characteristics and material compatibility of Cenex® transmission fluids ensure quality and consistent performance in shifting, brake operation and wear protection in all types of transmissions. We rigorously test our lubricants to meet and exceed the demands of heavy-duty applications, so you know your equipment is protected.
• Maxtron® MT
• Power Transmission Fluid
• Maxtron® All-Syn
Heavy-Duty ATF
Auto Gold®
Multi-Vehicle ATF

• Type F ATF
Gear Oils/Hydraulic Oils
Cenex® hydraulic oils and gear oils extend a variety of applications, and offer an exceptional list of features to benefit even the most complicated hydraulic systems. They're all designed to provide extreme protection against wear, rust, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, foam and oxidation to improve equipment performance and life.
• Maxtron® GL
• MP Gear Lube
• Indol
• Econex
• Hydrostatic Fluid 46 MV
2-Cycle Engine Oils
Enjoy the outdoors longer and get things done faster with high-performing Cenex® 2-cycle engine oils. These premium lubricants offer reduced smoke and odor, ease of mixing with gasoline, excellent cold temperature flow (in cold-weather applications), plus advanced formulas to keep engines clean and operating smoothly.
• Cenex® 2-Cycle Oil
• Premium Ashless
2-Cycle Engine Oil
• Snow Max® PV
• Cenex ATV Xtreme®
Specialty Products
Cenex® proudly offers a full line of lubricants and products to meet a wide variety of industrial and cleaning applications. Whether you need power steering fluid, cleaning solvent, concrete form oil or food-grade packing oil, you can always count on Cenex lubricants to deliver top-quality petroleum products to fit your specifications.
• Drip Oil
• Chain Bar Oil
• Biomax BPL
• Vacuum Pump Oil
• Concrete Form Oil
• Di-Zolv-It
• Power Steering Fluid
• Food Grade Hydraulic Oil 
• Heat Transfer Oil
• Biomax Concrete Form Oil
• LP Gas Methanol
• Stoddard Solvent
• Turbine Oil XL
• Waylube
• White Packer Oil

Miscellaneous Products and Tools
Additional tools and resources for Cenex Lubricants:

Cenex Total Protection Plan® Warranty Overview 


Cenex carries TerraCair® Ultrapure Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), from Terra Environmental Technologies (TET), providing equipment and fleets with a trusted resource for their selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. Certified by the API, TerraCair brings you quality, availability, reliability, and security. It is available in 2.5 gallons, 55 gallon non-returnable drums, and 330 gallon totes with reusable stainless valves.



Routine maintenance and regular oil analysis are an important part of any equipment maintenance program. LubeScan® tests oil to identify component wear, lubricant condition and overall component operating conditions.


For more information on LubeScan oil analysis or the Total Protection Plan™ Warranty, contact your local Cenex lubricants dealer.


This Warranty Can Help You Sleep At Night. Assuming You Stop For Sleep.



2 Cycle Engine Oil
Aluben EP Moly Grease
ATV Xtreme
Auto Gold HMO
Auto Gold Multi-Vehicle ATF Synthetic Blend (2)
Auto Gold PCMO GF-5 SN Synthetic Blend
AutoGold ATF DM
BioMax BPL
BioMax Concrete Form Oil
BioMax THF
BlueGard 500 Grease
Chain Bar Oil
Circle Three Lubricant
Concrete Form Oil
Concrete Form Oil WS
Corn Head Grease
Cotton Picker Spindle Grease
Drip Oil - Premium Irrigation Lubricant
Econex Non-Detergent Oil
Food Grade Hydraulic Oil
Food Processing Machinery Grease
HD Moly Xtreme
Heat Transfer Oil
Hydrostatic Fluid ISO 46MV
Indol EH ISO 46 (2)
Indol NZ ISO 46MV Non-Zinc Anti-Wear Multigrade Hydraulic Oil
Indol Premium AW Hydraulic Oil
LP Gas Methanol
Marine Xtreme - discontinued
Maxtron All-Syn Heavy Duty ATF
Maxtron DEO Syn Blend
Maxtron Enviro Edge 5W40 Full Syn _61-09_.pdf
Maxtron EP Grease
Maxtron GL Syn Gear Lube 75W-140
Maxtron GL Syn Gear Lube Enviro-EDGE 75W-90 and GL 80W-140
Maxtron MT
Maxtron PCMO Full Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil
Maxtron Power Transmission Fluid MV (2)
Maxtron R&O
Maxtron THF
ML 365 Grease
Molyplex 500 Grease
MP Gear Lubricant
NGEO 2000 LA
NGEO 2500 MA
NGEO 3000 NA
Poly-Xtreme Grease
Power Steering Fluid
Power Transmission Fluid
Premium Ashless 2-Cycle Engine Oil
Qwiklift HTB
Railroad Diesel Engine Oil 9 TBN
Snow Max - discontinued
Snow Max PV
SPANISH - Auto Gold GF5 SN SynBlend
SPANISH - Econex
SPANISH - Maxtron DEO 10W-30, 15W-40
SPANISH - Maxtron Enviro-EDGE 5W-40 Full Syn
SPANISH - Maxtron GF5 SN dexos1 Full Syn
SPANISH - MP Gear Lube (2)
SPANISH - Qwiklift HTB (2)
SPANISH - Superlube TMS CJ-4 SM
Stoddard Solvent
Superlube 518 Engine Oil
Superlube TMS CJ-4 SM
TerraCair Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) (3)
Turbine Oil XL
Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid
Vacuum Pump Oil
Way Lube
White Packer Oil
2-Cycle Oil
600W Cylinder Oil
AGMA-EP (All Grades)
Agri Fluid
Aluben EP Moly
ATV Xtreme (2)
Auto Gold - All Grades (2)
Auto Gold ATF DM
Auto Gold Automatic Transmission Fluid
Auto Gold HMO - All Grades
Auto Gold Multi-Vehicle ATF Synthetic Blend
Bio Penetrating Lubricant
Biomax Concrete Form Oil (2)
Biomax THF (2)
BlueGard 500
Chain Bar Oil (3)
Circle Three
Co Extender
Concrete Form Oil (2)
Cotton Picker Spindle Grease (2)
Cotton Picker Spindle Klean
DB Maxitac Chain Bar 30, 40
Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease
Di-Solv-It Concentrate
Di-Zolv-It (2)
Drip Oil
Drip Soyl
Econex - ISO 32, 68, 100, 220
Econex - ISO 320, 460
Food Grade Hydraulic #46
Food Machinery Grease
Graf Pak
HD Moly Xtreme Grease
Heat Transfer Oil (2)
Hydrostatic Fluid - ISO 46 MV
Indol (ISO 150, 220, 320, 460)
Indol (ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100), Indol MV
Indol EH ISO 46
Indol NZ ISO 46MV
Inpro Extender AS
Inpro Light, Medium, Heavy Duty NAS
Irriflex - All Grades
Marine Xtreme
Maxtron - Full Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil
Maxtron All-Syn HD ATF
Maxtron DEO - All Grades
Maxtron Enviro-Edge Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
Maxtron EP #2 Grease
Maxtron GL (2)
Maxtron GO
Maxtron IR
Maxtron MT SAE 50
Maxtron Power Transmission Fluid MV
Maxtron R&O (2)
Maxtron TC
Maxtron THF+
ML365 Corn Head Grease
Moly Gard 500+
Molyplex 500
MP Gear Lube
Multilift KV 15 Oil
NGEO 2000 LA - All Grades
NGEO 2500 MA - All Grades
NGEO 3000 NA - All Grades
Poly-Xtreme Grease (2)
Power Steering Fluid (2)
Power Transmission Fluid (2)
Premium Ashless 2-Cycle Synthetic Blend
Qwiklift HTB - All Grades
Railroad Engine Oil
Snow Max
SPANISH - Auto Gold (All Grades)
SPANISH - Auto Gold Synthetic Blend
SPANISH - Commercial PCMO 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30
SPANISH - Econex SAE 10W, 20, 30, 50
SPANISH - Indol (ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100), Indol MV
SPANISH - Indol 150, 220,320, 460
SPANISH - Indol MV Subzero Ammonia Compressor Oil
SPANISH - Maxtron DEO (All Grades)
SPANISH - Maxtron Enviro-EDGE 5W-40
SPANISH - Maxtron PCMO Full Synthetic
SPANISH - MP Gear Lube
SPANISH - Qwiklift HTB
SPANISH - Superlube 518
SPANISH - Superlube TMS
Stoddard Solvent (2)
Superlube 518 - All Grades
Superlube TMS (All Grades)
Sure Seal WL - Wireline Lubricant
Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Small Engine Oil
Synthetic Platinum - All Grades
TerraCair Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
Thread Cutting Oil
Turbine XL - ISO 150, 220, 320, 460
Turbine XL - All Grades
Turbine XL - ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100
Type F ATF
Vacuum Pump Oil (2)
Waylube - All Grades (2)
White Packer Oil (3)
Winter Aid III
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