The 2016 harvest season has been one for the books with the USDA expecting farmers to harvest record amounts of corn and soybeans. These record yields highlight the fact that modern farming operations are bigger than ever – both in acreage and bushels.

During the busiest times of harvest, the number one question farmers ask themselves is how much crop they can take off each day – and if they have the appropriate resources to dry and store it. A cool, wet and windy fall has resulted in farmers harvesting corn at higher, moister levels than originally anticipated. This has increased pressure on grain dryers and localized propane supplies.

Although the last few weeks of harvest can be hectic, it is also the best time to evaluate how efficiently grain is moving through your operation and identify any areas that might need improvements in 2017.

Take a moment and think back to harvest this year and ask yourself if you experienced any of the following: 

1. Were you at any time operating at the bottom of your propane supply?
2. Did you ever experience propane deliveries that came just in time before you ran out of power?
3. Were you delayed at any time because you couldn't dry crops as quickly as needed?
4. Have you expanded your operation or increased your grain drying capacity, but not your propane storage?

Answering yes to any of the above questions can be key indications that it may be time to right-size your propane storage to handle the increased demand of your operation. Having the proper propane storage reduces dependency on multiple fills, limits risk of down time, and allows farmers to take advantage of seasonal price patterns.

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Winter downtime is the perfect opportunity to plan for any necessary investments in your operation. If you’re thinking of adding to your propane storage or upgrading your grain dryer capacity, reach out to your local propane dealer to discuss your options. Propane dealers have the expertise and resources to help you determine what’s best for your operation.

For information about propane and propane safety, and to find a dealer near you, visit our propane page.

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