Regardless of whether you’re preparing for planting or harvest, preventive maintenance should always be top of mind. Proactively preparing your farm equipment is the best method to avoid unnecessary repairs during the busiest times of year. Keep your equipment in great condition and extend its performance life with these five tips.

1. Change air and fuel filters.

Internal combustion engines require the proper mix of fuel and air. Clogged air and fuel filters interfere with combustion efficiency, but replacing dirty filters can help increase power output. 

2. Service fuel injectors.

Dirty fuel injectors can cause inefficient combustion and power loss. Internal diesel fuel injector deposits, or IDIDs, can form suddenly, resulting in a significant decrease in power and fuel efficiency. Black smoke is a sign of over-fueling and may mean you need to clean injectors.

3. Invest in premium diesel fuel.

Keeping engines clean and protected from harmful deposits is critical to extending the life of your engine and increasing its performance. The upgraded additive package in Cenex’s newly enhanced premium diesel fuel includes an advanced detergency that’s 40% more effective at breaking down harmful engine deposits and 2.5 times more effective at cleaning injector deposits, keeping engines effectively running for longer. No different from before, Cenex® premium diesel still works to keep engines clear of contaminants and improves power and fuel efficiency by stabilizing cylinder temperature.

4. Clean and maintain bulk fuel tanks.

Water is often the culprit behind rust, bacteria and algae formation in BULK FUEL STORAGE TANKS. If those contaminants make it through the filter and into engine components, injectors can plug up and pumps can fail. To avoid these issues, Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® incorporates a two-phase total water management system that separates water from fuel, allowing it to settle at the bottom of the tank for easy removal. Then it keeps any remaining negligible WATER MOLECULES entrained for safe passage through the combustion chamber. Manage a clean storage solution on your farm by conducting seasonal inspections. If you find water at the bottom, drain and clean the tank. If you find contaminants, have the tank professionally cleaned. 

5. Enroll in a warranty plan for equipment.

Look for a warranty plan that covers new and used farm equipment. Using Cenex premium diesel fuels and lubricants is one way to qualify equipment for coverage under the CENEX TOTAL PROTECTION PLAN®. This plan covers parts and labor to repair or replace parts that fail during normal use and extends protection beyond original equipment manufacturers’ warranties. The Cenex Total Protection Plan provides coverage for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours for new equipment and up to 8 years or 8,000 hours for used equipment.

Taking a few minutes to check and conduct engine maintenance is time well spent and can help minimize expenses throughout the year. To learn more about finding the right products and services for your equipment, visit your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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