A solid lubricants plan with a definitive maintenance schedule can help you reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment. The summer months are a good time to create a maintenance schedule, re-evaluate your products to ensure you’re using the right ones for your operation and start a routine to keep your equipment running smoothly.

A “soil test” for your engine

Similar to the testing you do to gauge nutrients in your soil, an engine oil analysis takes a sample of used oil to provide valuable information about the condition of your equipment.

The LubeScan® used oil analysis program, available from your local Cenex® dealer, offers a proactive approach to oil analysis for various equipment components, including engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. A LubeScan kit analyzes oil samples and provides you with a report, alerting you to any concerns about your equipment before they become catastrophic. 

What lubricants are right for my operation? 

Check what the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommends in terms of lubricants and other products for equipment. Cross-reference OEM recommendations with other options from the experts at your local Cenex cooperative. In addition, you can easily access this information at your fingertips by entering the make and model of your equipment into the CENEX EQUIPMENT LOOKUP TOOL to see which Cenex product is best for your operation. Cenex lubricants are tested and proven to meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications.

Top 3 lubricants needed for an agricultural operation

There are three types of lubricants every operation needs to keep farm equipment running at peak performance.

  1. Diesel engine oils
    Cenex offers three advanced diesel engine oils. MAXTRON® SYNTHETIC DIESEL ENGINE OIL comes in two varieties: Maxton® DEO, a synthetic blend, and Maxtron® Enviro-EDGE®, a full-synthetic diesel engine oil. These engine oils operate in the toughest conditions and provide up to seven times more shear stability than competitor oils with less advanced formulations. The third engine oil Cenex offers is SUPERLUBE TMS®, which is formulated with para-synthetic base oils to provide enhanced engine protection and improved operability in the dirtiest conditions.

  2. Tractor hydraulic fluids
    A quality tractor hydraulic fluid is essential to keeping moving parts lubricated and helping reduce friction. This lubricant can minimize downtime by reducing friction and providing superior pump, gear, brake, transmission and hydraulic system protection, all increasing the longevity of your equipment. Premium tractor hydraulic fluids also significantly reduce noise and damage caused by wet brake chatter.

    Cenex offers two premium tractor hydraulic fluids: MAXTRON® THF+, a full-synthetic, multifunctional product for enhanced all-weather performance, and QWIKLIFT® HTB®, a universal tractor transmission and wet brake fluid.

  3. Greases
    Cenex has a VARIETY OF GREASES, including Blue Gard® 500+™, a multipurpose lithium complex that’s flexible enough for most applications but tough enough to handle severe conditions, and Red Protect XT®, an extra-tacky lithium complex that’s long-lasting, water resistant and protects equipment from rust and corrosion. Not all greases are compatible, so check out this GREASE COMPATIBILITY CHART to see if the greases you’re using work well together. 

Performing regular maintenance and using premium products will help keep your equipment operating to its full potential. The Cenex premium line of lubricants can help you minimize downtime and maximize field time for optimal profitability. 

Talk with your LOCAL CENEX DEALER about the lubricants that are most appropriate for your needs.

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