Bearings may be small, but anyone who’s worked on farm equipment knows they can cause big problems. A single failed bearing can bring an entire day’s work to a standstill. To make matters worse, bearings often fail with little to no warning. Unexpected failures during a busy time of year, like planting or harvest, can add up to thousands of dollars lost to downtime.

It’s critical to BE PROACTIVE to avoid bearing failure. One of the best ways to protect equipment bearings and maintain operating temperatures is by using a high-quality synthetic grease. Here are the top three benefits that a full-synthetic grease can provide.

  • Equipment protection.
    Farm work goes hand-in-hand with tough conditions. Using a high-quality synthetic grease can protect equipment from premature or excessive wear caused by metal-on-metal contact because it’s formulated with enhanced anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. When using a quality grease, you can rely on your equipment each season, knowing it will keep up with your pace of work.
  • Extreme temperature performance.
    Cenex premium greases have extreme temperature stability for maximum equipment protection all season long. Specially formulated with antioxidants, Cenex® premium greases are built to sustain protection in equipment and on the shelf.
  • Consistent performance.
    During a busy season, the last thing you need to worry about is a costly equipment breakdown. One way to prevent unforeseen maintenance is by keeping a consistent grease routine. A full-synthetic grease like MAXTRON® FS belongs to the most highly distilled category of lubricants. This means the molecules inside them are uniform, making the product exceptionally stable so you know what to expect every time you use it.

To protect your equipment year-round and simplify your grease program, make the switch to a full-synthetic grease that can perform well under pressure.

To FIND THE RIGHT GREASE for your equipment, talk to your LOCAL CENEX DEALER. They’re available to partner with you to uncover the best solutions for you.

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