Buying in bulk can be a great way to stretch your dollars. The number of people buying food and supplies in bulk has boomed in recent years. Of course, if you really want to see the power of bulk purchasing, you need to think bigger than the pantry.

Farmers can noticeably boost their bottom line by buying their diesel fuel in bulk. The challenge with buying large amounts of fuel, though, is that it takes larger storage, which used to take large amounts of cash. Not anymore.

Cenex® is helping to put bulk fuel storage within reach for more farmers through Storage for Pennies. A lease-to-own program originally created for propane customers, Storage for Pennies has now been expanded to enable farmers to take advantage of the many benefits of buying diesel in bulk. 

  • Secure your supply: During planting and harvest, fuel demand is at an all-time high and fuel delivery may take longer than normal. By right-sizing to a larger bulk tank, farmers can maintain as much fuel as they need right onsite, eliminating the need to worry about refills or additional trips into town.
  • Reduce transportation costs: When a nearby marketer has to manage to supplier allocations, farmers may be forced to search farther and farther away to supplement their supply — and hauling in fuel from neighboring states can get expensive fast. All year round, a bulk fuel tank can cut down transportation costs by reducing the trips your supplier needs to make to your operation.
  • Buy at the best price: As fuel demand fluctuates throughout the year, so does its price. But diesel has a six- to 12-month shelf life, so a little planning ahead can pay off big. Bulk storage gives farmers the flexibility to stock up when fuel prices are low, then rely on their own supply during the price spikes of peak season.

Bottom line: Bulk fuel storage puts more power in a farmer’s hands. And by eliminating the burden of costly upfront expenses, Storage for Pennies can help more farmers take control of their fuel. Through the program, the annual lease payment for a tank is conveniently divided and included in the price of fuel purchased from CHS, only pennies per gallon. To learn more about Storage for Pennies and to see if you qualify, contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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