When the busiest time of year comes around, you’ll want to be ready with all you need for a successful harvest season. That includes having a sufficient propane supply for crop drying. But what makes propane a reliable choice on the farm?

What makes propane an efficient and clean option for crop drying? 

Propane has a long shelf life and stores very well, so farmers are able to stock up prior to harvest and have product readily available when it is needed. Because propane is safe and portable, it can be stored almost anywhere or taken to locations where it is needed to keep operations running smoothly.

How is propane a more cost-effective choice?

Your local propane retailer can work together to establish an affordable and cost effective for almost any operation. Propane can be easily stored and owning the inventory can allow for operations to avoid the problems of marketplace volatility. 

By reviewing crop harvest rates and dryer capacities, your supplier can help determine the correct storage size for the farm to reduce the number of deliveries needed over time.

Why should I right size my propane tank?

Your propane retailer can help determine storage needs to handle the harvest season. Right sizing propane tanks can provide peace of mind and ensure you are prepared for the pace of harvest with the right supply of propane. 

One item to consider, if equipment has been added to the operation, or if equipment has been replaced, you will likely need to right size the propane tank to account for the changes in propane use.

Where can farmers go to learn more?

To learn more, contact your local propane retailer to discuss market conditions and plan your purchasing decisions throughout the year. They will share any programs available to assist you and get the best price possible, especially during the summer and early falls months.

To find your local Cenex dealer or learn more tips to optimize your operation, visit cenex.com.

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