Fuel and equipment are significant investments for any farmer, rancher or small business owner. With the advancements of today’s high-tech engines, farmers and ranchers are often relying on one piece of equipment to accomplish what three used to do.

Time is valuable, and operators cannot afford downtime and increased maintenance costs by frequently changing fuel filters and mixing separate additives into the fuel tank. Using the right premium diesel fuel can actually eliminate these unnecessary maintenance steps while providing improved engine efficiency and power.

Cenex® Premium Diesel fuel was one of the first on the market to contain an advanced injection stabilizer that cleans up and prevents injector deposits from occurring, keeping equipment operating at its full potential. 

Accumulating more than 14,000 hours of grueling real-world testing, Cenex® premium diesel withstood the demands of the toughest conditions on six farms and commercial feedlot operations without experiencing a single problem.

Check out the video below to hear from the farmers and business owners who helped test the enhanced Cenex premium diesel on their operations.

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