When it comes to tractor hydraulic fluids (THFs), there are numerous benefits to reap on your operation by using a premium synthetic product like Cenex® Maxtron® THF+ year-round. Our expert answers your questions.

How do extreme temperatures affect how well a tractor hydraulic fluid works?

Both cold and warm weather can affect tractor hydraulic fluids. In cold weather, oils can crystallize and form waxes which will lead to a thicker fluid. As a fluid thickens, it becomes more difficult to get to critical components. If the fluid becomes too thick and cannot get to those moving parts, wear can begin to take place that can lead to damaged starters and eventually equipment failure.

In extreme warm weather, fluids tend to become thinner. A fluid that is too thin can also cause equipment failure, as there is not enough of an oil film to protect critical components against metal on metal contact. Elevated temperatures can also lead to an increase in the rate of oxidation, which results in oils breaking down and the formation of acidic compounds, leading to the development of black sludge.

What are the unique benefits of a tractor hydraulic fluid?

A tractor hydraulic fluid is a robust product that can be placed in many different compartments. Transmissions, hydraulic systems, final drives and wet brakes are all compartments that are protected by a tractor hydraulic fluid.

Tractor hydraulic fluids are designed to minimize brake chatter, keep critical components clean and prevent wear from occurring under heavy loads. With all of the different compartments using a tractor hydraulic fluid, these oils need to have the right frictional properties and a strong, robust additive package to ensure equipment is protected.

What should I look for when selecting a tractor hydraulic fluid?

The first thing to look for is what type of company is making the product. There are unfortunately a lot of sub-par tractor hydraulic fluids out on the market that fail to meet any current specifications. Using a sub-par THF can cause equipment failure and unnecessary downtime. One of the best things you can do is use a tractor hydraulic fluid from a supplier that you know and trust.

Using a full synthetic tractor hydraulic fluid, like Cenex Maxtron THF+, can provide peace of mind and year-round protection without having to be concerned with temperature fluctuations. A full synthetic oil, combined with robust additives and cold flow improvers, will provide protection of critical components in all seasons.

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