A bearing may be small, but it can cause big problems if it fails prematurely. A single failed bearing can bring an entire operation to a standstill. To make matters worse, bearings often fail with little to no warning. And during a busy time of year like planting or harvest, that can add up to thousands of dollars lost to downtime.

The clock doesn’t stop ticking on account of your equipment, so it’s critical to be proactive in maintaining your bearings. One of the best ways to protect bearings is also the easiest: using a full-synthetic grease like Cenex® MAXTRON® FS.

How full-synthetic grease helped one operation
The Hoogland brothers, who run a custom silage and hay-chopping business in Iowa, experienced firsthand the benefits of switching to a full-synthetic grease. During a typical four-week harvest window, the Hooglands run 20 hours a day to serve 15 different customers. Meeting their deadlines means they can’t afford unexpected downtime.

In previous harvest seasons, the Hooglands experienced continual bearing failure on their choppers after just 200 hours of operation — requiring them to sideline equipment and staff for up to a whole day. Not only was the lost time expensive but it could have lost them valuable customers.

The Hooglands wanted to minimize issues and simplify their grease program across multiple pieces of equipment, so they called their local cooperative’s certified energy specialist. What they needed was a full-synthetic grease that performs extremely well under demanding pressure and heat — in other words, Maxtron FS

What sets Cenex full-synthetic greases apart
Maxtron FS is built to provide a maximized range of benefits. Not only does it protect key equipment components from undesired wear, dirt and water corrosion, but it also can increase equipment efficiency, which is crucial during peak performance times.

Full-synthetic greases like Maxtron FS belong to the most highly distilled category of lubricants. This means the molecules inside them are uniform, making the product exceptionally stable. Premium greases from Cenex also contain a full additive package to enhance their performance, including:

  • Oxidation inhibitors to prevent oxidation, extending the life of the grease. 
  • Corrosion control to prevent corrosion of critical parts.
  • Anti-wear and EP (extreme pressure) additives to protect critical moving parts under heavy loads from premature or excessive wear.

When a bearing goes down, it can bring an entire operation down with it. To protect your equipment year-round in a variety of conditions and applications, make the switch to MAXTRON FS.


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