Any seasoned farmer knows that no matter how detailed the plan, unforeseen obstacles can always pop upduring harvest season. While there may not always be ways to plan for sudden issues, there are ways to be better prepared. One smart way to help combat the unexpected is to protect your operation and prepare for the unknown by enrolling your equipment in a warranty program.

Many warranty programs include maintenance schedules with guidance for oil analysis and other checkups to help you keep your engines clean and effective when they’re needed most. The CENEX® TOTAL PROTECTION PLAN® warranty offers affordable protection for both new and used equipment with no deductible.

Eligibility requirements are simple — just conduct regular LubeScan® Used Oil Analyses as required and use high-quality Cenex Premium Diesel fuel and lubricants. If equipment issues slow you down, the Cenex Total Protection Plan will provide comprehensive coverage to offset repairs to your enrolled equipment.

When your equipment is protected under the Cenex Total Protection Plan, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that when the unforeseen happens, you’re covered. A few benefits of the warranty plan include:

  • Equipment coverage: The warranty covers new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours, and used equipment for up to eight years or 8,000 hours
  • Extended protection: With the Cenex Total Protection Plan, you’re going above and beyond original equipment manufacturer warranties.
  • Proactive reminders: You’ll receive periodic maintenance reminders to help keep your equipment in top condition.
  • Oil analysis tests: Avoid downtime through LubeScan Used Oil Analysis fluid sample reports that provide insight into the inner workings of your machine.

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