Farmers will have 9.1 billion people to feed by the year 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). That’s almost 30% more people than the world holds now. Income levels are also rising in many nations, increasing demand for high-quality food, fiber and sustainable energy.

It may seem like an impossible demand to meet, but American farmers have been producing these kinds of gains for decades with the help of technology advancements. Since 1995, corn yields have increased three bushels per acre every year, including harvesting the five largest corn crops in history – more than 13 billion bushels! The ever-changing face of technology promises to continue increasing efficiency, and save farmers both time and money. 

Engine and fuel technology

Diesel engines have become more sophisticated to meet new air quality standards while maintaining power. Tier 4 engines were phased in from 2010 through 2014 and use tight tolerances to achieve a cleaner burn. Farmers, equipment manufacturers and fuel suppliers are constantly working to reduce emissions. Cenex® premium diesel fuels, such as Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® and lubricants products like Maxtron® DEO, help customers achieve fuel efficiency goals and take advantage of new engine designs to improve productivity.

Precision equipment technology

One of the greatest innovations in farming technology is the use of precision agriculture equipment. From autopilot features to variable-rate controllers, precision equipment helps farmers get the most from inputs and labor to improve efficiency, minimize surplus and maximize yield.

Automated fuel delivery (AFD) is just one example of how precision agriculture equipment can save farmers time. When enrolled in an automated fuel delivery system, a fuel sensor and electronic tank monitoring system are installed into fuel tanks. When the fuel drops to a predetermined level, a truck is automatically sent to refill the tank. This set-up eliminates the worry of running out of fuel, especially during the busiest time of year. Contact your local Cenex dealer to learn more about AFD and its availability in your area.

If the past few decades have been any indication, technology will continue to help increase farm efficiency and meet growing demands. Looking for more fuel efficiency information and tips? Check out these Cenexperts blog posts.
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