Meet the cenexpert®

Akhtar Hussain

Akhtar Hussain

Director of Refined Fuels Marketing, Refined Fuels

Akhtar Hussain is the director of refined fuels marketing at CHS, where he is responsible for Cenex® brand marketing, retail development and retail imaging and equipment for Cenex, which has more than 1,500 convenience store locations across 19 states. 


In his more than 10 years at CHS, Hussain has held a number of roles including manager of petroleum equipment and manager of refined fuels marketing. A Minnesota native, he received his degree in marketing from Metropolitan State University.


In middle school, Akhtar placed first in his school spelling bee and advanced to the final round of the district spelling bee. With the pressure on, he was one word away from making it to the state competition. His dreams were foiled when he misspelled peony. To date, he cannot bear the site of peonies and refuses to let his wife Sarah plant any in their garden.

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