Meet the cenexpert®

Erin Wroge

Erin Wroge

Senior Product Manager, CHS Refined Fuels Marketing

With 16 years of marketing experience, and close to 10 years in the energy space, Erin is constantly expanding her expertise in refined fuels and lubricants products.  Erin’s career has benefitted from her keen curiosity, and passion for providing customers with superior energy products. When she’s not developing impactful programs to educate customers of the benefits of Cenex® technology, Erin is exploring her adopted home of Minnesota, discovering new adventures with her husband, and cheering on their daughter in all her endeavors.


Few people understand customers’ needs like Erin, who has developed a knack for targeting messages to CHS’ unique audiences. Like all great marketers, Erin’s greatest joy is communicating technical concepts and considerations, and how those trends drive the brand’s industry-leading benefits, to customers. She specifically appreciates opportunities to share the protection and performance that only Cenex premium diesel fuels and lubricants can provide. Erin enjoys growing in an energy industry that’s evolving as much as she is.


Go Tar Heels! Erin’s a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a rabid college basketball fan. Her family and friends can attest to her “madness” during late March, and her utter disdain for another team just down Tobacco Road (cough, Duke, cough). For Erin, her home state will always hold her heart, especially come late January when the temperatures in Minnesota are frigid

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