Cenex® Premium Diesel fuels, TOP TIER™ gasoline ,Cenex Roadmaster XL® and Ruby Fieldmaster®

Meet the cenexpert®

Woman with blonde hair

Jenny Kraus

Senior Marketing Specialist, CHS Refined Fuels

Jenny genuinely believes in Cenex® Premium Diesel fuels and TOP TIER gasoline and enjoys educating people on the benefits of using them in their day to day operations. When she’s not thinking about Cenex Roadmaster XL® or Ruby Fieldmaster® she is an avid board game player and dog mom.


Jenny has worked in a variety of industries, creating both local and national marketing campaigns. Jenny uses a thoughtful and concise approach to educate people on the benefits of using our products. She has been with CHS since 2019 and graduated from the University of St. Thomas.


Jenny’s favorite thing to do in the summer is escape the city and spend weekends up at her family’s cabin. Jenny is also a bit of a foodie, whether it’s making a new recipe at home or going to a patio for chef prepared culinary delights.

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