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Kenton Sonnenberg, Equipment Sales Manager, CHS Energy

Kenton Sonnenburg

Equipment Sales Manager, CHS Energy

With a background in lubricants, refined fuels and propane, Kenton has broad experience across the energy industry. A former Energy Manager of his local CHS cooperative, Kenton brings valuable perspective from working directly with equipment owners to meet their energy needs.


In addition to Kenton’s vast career experience, he also has formal education in agriculture. A graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University, Kenton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness Management with concentrations in Cooperatives and Finance.


Kenton is Vice Chair of the Research and Technology Committee for the Propane Education Research Council and is active with the Minnesota Propane Association, serving as the organization’s President of its Autogas Committee and Vice President of its Minnesota Propane Education Promotion and Safety Council.

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