Meet the cenexpert®

Ron Jessen

Director of product management and business development, Refined Fuels

Ron Jessen has more than 25 years of experience in the cooperative energy business. In his 17 years with CHS, he has worked in propane, retail development, transportation and refined fuels. Ron is proud of the dedication CHS has to helping its customers succeed. Outside the office, he is involved in his church and enjoys watching football, reading, doing yard work and spending time with his grandchildren.


Ron develops and implements marketing programs for Cenex® refined fuels products and alternative fuels and is passionate about creating products that help CHS best serve its customers. He is responsible for product specifications that meet customer needs, addressing current and future market demands, and CHS quality-assurance programs.


Ron grew up on a dairy farm near Clarkfield, Minn., and began his cooperative career in the tire department of Consumers Co-op Oil. Clarkfield was one of the first farm communities to invest in unit train rail facilities.

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