Meet the cenexpert®

Todd Monroe

CHS Director of Branded Business Development and Cenex Lubricant Terminals

Todd has a passion for working with farmers by educating them about the benefits of using premium lubricant products and warranties programs to protect their equipment. Todd enjoys hunting, fishing and water skiing with his family, as well as golfing. He also loves to tool around in his 1973 Volkswagen Beetle.


With 23 years at CHS, Todd knows all about petroleum and Cenex® brand lubricants. He has extensive knowledge of new products and their proper use with on- and off-road equipment, as well as equipment warranties.


Todd’s roots are in Warren, Minnesota, where his family has long raised a variety of crops, Black Angus cattle and racehorses. The population of Warren was less than 2,000 when he grew up, and he graduated from high school in a class of only 43 students.

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