Every minute spent on the job site has an impact on your bottom line. It’s critical for construction company owners to always stay on top of their equipment’s health to avoid unexpected downtime and protect their equipment in the long term. With the right fuel and lubricant combination, you can ensure your equipment remains in peak condition while enhancing efficiencies on your operation.


What makes Cenex® premium products the best choice for my business?

Cenex premium fuels and lubricants are designed to protect your equipment, even in the tough conditions you face every day.

When it comes to diesel fuel, Cenex premium diesel fuel works to provide equipment with the power and protection it needs to manage long days and extreme conditions. Cenex premium diesel fuel includes an additive package that optimizes performance of construction equipment, keeping engines extremely clean while achieving a more complete burn. This ensures critical components are kept clean and free of contaminants.

In terms of lubricants, Cenex premium lubricants are designed to provide added protection and enhance equipment performance across a variety of different environments. In addition to keeping engines clean, Cenex premium lubricants are made to withstand dirty and wet conditions and provide year-round performance no matter the temperature. Using Cenex full synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants can provide additional benefits and fewer oil changes, meaning more time is spent on site and less time is spent on maintenance.


How do Cenex premium diesel fuels optimize equipment performance?

Cenex premium diesel fuels, like Cenex Roadmaster XL® and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® protect engines from various environmental conditions and extend equipment life. With advanced aggressive detergency, engines are kept clean and powerful with a 40% improvement in engine deposit cleanup over the previous formulation. The detergency package is also 2.5 times more effective at cleaning injector deposits in dirty equipment, meaning your equipment is less likely to experience downtime due to a failure.

In addition to a strong detergent, Cenex premium diesel fuel also contains a two phase total water management system to ensure any water that may get into the system is removed to prevent equipment failure.

With the Cenex premium diesel fuel additive package, engines can experience a complete burn to prevent formation and buildup. These enhancements lead to industry leading engine cleanliness and protection.

How do Cenex lubricants help optimize equipment performance?

Using synthetic engine oils like Cenex Maxtron® Enviro-Edge® and Cenex Maxtron DEO can extend drain intervals due to their excellent shear stability. That means more time spent on site and less time spent on equipment maintenance.

Synthetic oils perform better in cold weather, can withstand the high temperatures in equipment and provide consistent performance throughout the life of the oil. In addition to engine oils, using premium quality hydraulic oils, like Cenex Indol® hydraulic oils, can ensure your equipment runs smoothly with less downtime and less maintenance.

Cenex Indol hydraulic oils are designed to keep the equipment running longer and reduce wear with a robust anti-wear additive package. Indol hydraulic oils also have exceptional oxidation and thermal stability, allowing the oil to handle the extreme temperatures and conditions found in equipment.

How can construction owners ensure their equipment remains protected?

Using premium fuels and lubricants in addition to having a regular maintenance routine can go a long way in keeping equipment protected and preventing equipment failure when it's needed most.

Routinely using LubeScan® Used Oil Analysis can also help with detecting smaller problems before they become an issue and lead to loss of equipment and downtime. With quality products and a robust maintenance routine, operators can reduce downtime and focus on running a productive operation, not equipment breaking down.

To find your local Cenex dealer or learn more tips on how to optimize your operation, visit Cenex.com.

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