As a construction operation owner, preventing job site issues is critical. The fuel in your on- and off-road construction equipment is key to job site productivity, equipment protection and maximizing your ROI. Here are four ways premium diesel defends your operation.

1. Enhances performance of your construction equipment.

Unlike typical #2 diesel, Cenex® Premium Diesel fuels — including Cenex Roadmaster XL® and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® — contain an enhanced formula driven by a powerful precision-blended additive package. The comprehensive formulation optimizes the performance and power of your construction equipment while keeping your engines clean. By keeping your equipment’s system as clean as possible, Cenex Premium Diesel also burns more completely, which keeps essential parts free from contaminants and promotes engine longevity.

2. Protects engines and fuel integrity in various environmental conditions.

Construction sites by nature are harsh for both on- and off-road equipment. An advantage of using Cenex Premium Diesel when equipment faces dirty, dusty and extreme temperature environments is the protection it provides your engines. Because Cenex Premium Diesel has a two-phase total water management system that works to handle water and debris, construction operators can be confident that their equipment is shielded from contaminants and remains functional on the job site.

3. Prolongs the life of construction equipment.

The key benefits of premium diesel — like a cleaner engine system that allows your equipment to optimize its full power — may be obvious in the short term. But how can premium diesel pay off in the long run? Cenex Premium Diesel is formulated to help all elements of an engine’s system operate at the same temperature and speed, keeping things running smoothly and cutting down on maintenance. All components of your equipment are protected, including the fuel systems, lines, injectors, cylinders and exhaust systems, so that it remains reliable for longer.

4. Reduces downtime and increases ROI.

When Cenex Premium Diesel is used in conjunction with a high-quality premium lubricant, construction equipment is well equipped to reduce the risk of downtime. If quality premium lubricants and diesel fuels are integrated into your machinery maintenance routine, you’ll spend less time in the repair shop and more time on the job site.

Cenex offers two types of premium diesel that provide your on- and off-road construction equipment with a series of benefits that strengthen your operation. Cenex Roadmaster XL and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster can restore fuel economy up to 5 percent, making them excellent choices across your truck and equipment fleet. They also restore power up to 4.5 percent and combat dirty, dusty conditions while keeping engines protected. Finally, Cenex Roadmaster XL and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster are forty percent more effective at breaking down harmful engine deposits and 2.5 times more successful at cleaning up injector deposits and preventing further buildup in dirty equipment, when compared to the previous generation’s formula.

To learn more about the benefits of Cenex Premium Diesel for your construction equipment, contact your local Cenex dealer.

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