If one thing is true about every construction operation, it’s that they’re racing the clock. The job is all about meeting deadlines, and avoiding downtime is the biggest factor contributing to a successful project.

A consistent maintenance routine and quality lubrication are the keys to keeping your machines protected so that you can stay on time and within budget. And your equipment’s hydraulic pumps and hoses play a critical role.

Other than the engine itself, hydraulic pumps and hoses are the most important factor keeping your equipment running smoothly. Faulty hydraulic pumps and hoses can be detrimental. An obvious sign of hose failure is fluid spewing from a crack, whereas pump failure can be characterized by loud knocking or banging.

It’s important to service pumps and hoses before these problems occur because their maintenance can impact your entire operation. Not only are repairs costly, but contracted workers need to be paid regardless of the day’s conditions. This means downtime leads to decreased productivity and lost wages.

Here are a few steps you can take to protect hydraulic pumps and hoses on the job site.

  1. Use a quality hydraulic fluid. Heavy-duty lubricants, like those offered in the line of Cenex® INDOL® HYDRAULIC OILS, can increase the lifespan of your equipment. A quality hydraulic fluid has outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, making your equipment dependable in all conditions. Plus, it will keep your equipment running longer with anti-wear properties.
  2. Protect the hydraulic system from water. Water in hydraulic oil will reduce the integrity of lubrication, leaving surfaces vulnerable. It’s always more cost-effective to prevent a problem from happening than it is to fix it afterward. The line of Cenex INDOL HYDRAULIC OILS protects against contamination and extends the life of your oil.
  3. Grease your equipment. A good time to inspect your hydraulic system is at the start of your day when you’re taking care of the GREASE POINTS on your machine. The Cenex line of PREMIUM QUALITY GREASES keeps pumps and hoses running smoothly year-round.

When it comes to efficient construction management, routine maintenance and heavy-duty lubricants are the first place to start. One way to stay prepared is by getting a LUBESCAN® USED OIL ANALYSIS. This will help you catch small problems before they become big problems. LubeScan kits are available at most Cenex retail locations.

To find the best hydraulic fluid for your equipment, check out THE EQUIPMENT LOOKUP TOOL or visit your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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