When it comes to construction, tough conditions come with the territory, but downtime doesn’t have to. Unlike a typical #2 diesel, premium diesel fuel can keep operations moving by providing the protection construction site managers depend on to fight the challenging elements they face each day.

Three key enemies can cause unwanted, unexpected issues with your construction equipment on the job site. Cenex® premium diesel fuels like CENEX ROADMASTER XL® and CENEX RUBY FIELDMASTER® include a comprehensive additive package that’s been precisely formulated to combat these everyday enemies and keep construction engines operating at peak performance. Here’s how.


While there’s no escaping dirt on the construction site, there are ways to ensure your CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT IS SHIELDED from the damage it can cause. If left unchecked, dirt can cause major issues like engine deposits, fuel injector fouling and equipment issues, resulting in costly downtime and reduced productivity for your operation. A newly enhanced premium diesel formula from Cenex features an advanced aggressive detergency package that aids in maintaining an ultra-clean fuel system and combustion chamber. Compared to the formula’s previous generation, Cenex premium diesel fuels are now 40% better at breaking down and removing harmful engine deposits.

Additionally, Cenex premium diesel is now 2.5 times more effective at cleaning up and removing injector deposits and preventing further buildup in dirty equipment, allowing for consistent, clean, balanced combustion that minimizes downtime, improves power and optimizes engine performance. With these two key enhancements, construction equipment can combat this common enemy to provide exceptional power and performance.

Incomplete fuel burn

High idling speeds, inconsistent duty cycles and lifting heavy loads are typical on any construction job site — but that doesn’t mean it’s not demanding on equipment engines.

The frequent starting and stopping of construction equipment can naturally lead to temperature fluctuations in the combustion chamber, which can result in incomplete fuel burn. Without a complete fuel burn, soot and diesel particulate matter don't reach a consistently high temperature to burn off in the exhaust aftertreatment system, which can lead to increased regenerations.

The next generation of Cenex premium diesel fuels have been designed to maximize power and achieve a more complete and balanced fuel burn, resulting in work being shared evenly across all engine cylinders. This helps to clear soot and diesel particulate matter for more consistent, clean combustion, regardless of duty cycle. This more efficient combustion optimizes engine performance, leading to fewer exhaust cylinder temperature deviations and regens in the exhaust aftertreatment system that can cause critical downtime. 


Water is the most detrimental enemy that construction equipment faces. For example, when water is present in equipment, it can cause microbial sludge and deposit growth to occur, which can lead to many issues like injector and fuel pump fouling. Although all diesel-powered equipment is susceptible to water contamination year-round, construction owners don’t have to let it be a HINDRANCE ON THEIR OPERATION.

That’s why the two-phase total water management system serves as a key benefit in the new formulation of Cenex premium diesel. The two-phase process begins by separating the gross majority of water from fuel, allowing gravity to pull it to the bottom of the tank for easy removal and drainage. The second phase works to encapsulate any remaining negligible water to safely pass through the combustion chamber. With this two-phase system, operators can completely manage water to prevent it from entering crucial equipment, helping you avoid costly repairs.

The Cenex premium diesel precision-blended, terminally injected additive package works to provide construction operators with superior equipment performance and protection. With the right fuel investment for your operation, you can protect your equipment investment while minimizing downtime and maximizing returns to better support your bottom line.

To learn more about how Cenex premium diesel provides superior protection to keep your operation efficient in all environments, contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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