Making smart business decisions is crucial, especially in an unpredictable market. As fleet owners and operators, it‘s never too late to protect the investments you‘ve already made to pave the way for a more profitable, efficient business. By INVESTING IN QUALITY FUEL, you have power over how well you take care of your equipment and, consequently, how much you can get out of it.

Instead of worrying about factors beyond your control, focus on what you can impact by taking care of your on-road engines, minimizing repairs and improving efficiency for your business.

1. Maximize your investment by protecting your equipment from the inside out

Whether you‘re investing in new equipment or looking to extend and improve the performance of existing equipment, using premium diesel fuel can help maximize its potential.

As many fleet owners know, water is the number one enemy when it comes to protecting fuel integrity and combating contaminants that can be detrimental to your fuel systems. Knowing the risks that come with water contamination, Cenex® created the newly enhanced CENEX ROADMASTER XL® to proactively protect vehicles with its two-phase total water management system.

In the first phase, a demulsifier separates the majority of the free water from the diesel fuel. For fleet operators who take advantage of fuel storage options, this allows for easy drainage of water, preventing it from entering and damaging equipment engines. Then, in the second phase, an advanced, aggressive detergency encapsulates any remaining negligible water molecules, keeping them separate for safe passage through the combustion system.

With the two-phase total water management system in place, owners and operators know that their equipment will be protected and their fuel will be in prime condition when it‘s time to get trucks on the road.

2. Minimize repairs and downtime

With a quality product, you‘re not just optimizing on-road engine performance, you‘re also minimizing the risk of repairs and downtime. By using a high-quality premium diesel fuel like Cenex Roadmaster XL, fleet owners and operators can have peace of mind knowing that their equipment is guaranteed to run at its cleanest and be clear of contaminants.

In comparison to the previous generation, Cenex Roadmaster XL is 40% more effective at breaking down harmful engine deposits and 2.5 times more effective when it comes to breaking down, removing and preventing injector deposits, especially in already dirty equipment. CLEANER FUEL INJECTORS give you more power and better fuel economy, which keeps costly downtime to a minimum. This enhanced formula also has 75% less filter blocking than a typical #2 diesel fuel due to minimizing contaminants to keep fueling systems clean and clear.

3. Improve efficiency across your business

Investing in quality products can help set your team up for success out in the field and on the road. Quality products like Cenex Roadmaster XL are designed to keep your fleet off the sidelines and cut time spent waiting for repairs. With an advanced, aggressive detergency package, maximum filterability and other key features designed to combat regenerations and prevent operational issues, quality fuels save your team time and boost efficiency by keeping you on the move.

It‘s never too late to take control and make the most of your business investments. Using high-quality fuels like Cenex Roadmaster XL in your fleet helps your business in volatile market conditions by ensuring your engine investments are protected, repairs and downtime are minimized, and your business is running at peak efficiency.

To learn more about how Cenex Roadmaster XL can protect your equipment, especially in times of uncertainty, contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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