If you have yet to visit Audubon, Iowa, put it on your must-see list now. And not just for its picturesque main street and beautiful bird mosaics. But for the people who call it home. And for Albert the Bull, the larger-than-life statue community members built more than 50 years ago.

What started as both a salute to Audubon’s beef industry and a tourist attraction, the 45-ton, 30-foot-tall Hereford statue has become something more: a legend. An enterprising group of Junior Chamber of Commerce members dreamed up Albert in 1963. And each year, he attracts about 20,000 people who want to say they’ve seen the world’s largest bull statue.

Cenex has been lucky to serve the residents of Audubon for several years, and the community is right across the border from Minnesota, which hosted  the Big Game in 2018. So as we looked to showcase a community in our Cenex commercial, we were excited about the opportunity to tell the story of a grander and more unique “Super Bull.” But, as we dug into the story of Albert, we got to know more about the people who live, work and play in Audubon. That’s when we decided the town and Albert deserved more than just a 30-second commercial. This was a story that called for a documentary.

For two days, we heard from individuals who know a thing or two about Albert. A few original builders, current caretakers and insightful residents shared their knowledge, memories and perspective on this otherworldly statue. And, as we learned, Albert truly does reflect the caring, collaborative spirit we’ve found in close-knit communities across the country.

See for yourself in our documentary.


This documentary was only possible because of the fine folks in Audubon who went out of their way to share Albert’s story. Here’s who they are, in order of appearance:

Gail Richardson – Historian

Rachel Mosinski – High School Student

Tyler Riebhoff – High School Student

Sam Kauffman – Barber/Original Builder

Duane Schmidt – Original Builder 

Dorothy McCune – 102-year old resident

Duane Sloth – T-Bone Committee Wagon Master           

Jeff Debower – Artist/Albert Painter

We can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate them, and everyone in Audubon, volunteering their time to help us tell this tale. It reminded us of what’s truly at the heart of Powered Locally™ – the people. Even if some may never agree on whether Albert’s eyes are better blue or brown (we think they both are great).

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the road and come visit us in Audubon. Or visit Albert the Bull. Or, hey, why not both?

On your way there, be sure to make a stop at one of our 1,500 Cenex locations.

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