With benefits like rewards, rebates and customized reporting, a great fuel card can help fleet managers and drivers save time and money. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a fleet fuel card for your company:

Volume rebates and savings

Look for a fuel card that offers you a chance to save on fuel, one of the biggest expenses when operating a fleet. Some fuel cards offer rebates or discounts on fuel, depending on your usage. For example, the Cenex Voyager® Fleet Card offers unlimited rebates of up to five cents per gallon. Be mindful of any added requirements or fees that might be tied to discounts.

Reporting and consolidated invoices

Reporting is the biggest difference between a general consumer credit card and a fleet fuel card. Choose a fleet card with detailed reporting tools that will help you cut administrative time and costs. The Cenex Voyager® Fleet Card offers managers detailed tracking of expenses and mileage for every fleet vehicle in one online portal. Click here to see a sample report.

Card acceptance

Another important factor is acceptability. Some fuel cards can only be used in certain geographic areas or at specific stations. This can be especially challenging for drivers who operate outside of major metropolitan areas and have limited choice in stations.

It’s also important to choose a fuel card that meets your fleet’s fueling needs, size and capabilities. If your fleet has over 1,000 trucks, a card for small- to medium-sized fleets won’t be the best choice for your business.

Learn about the benefits of a Cenex Voyager® Fleet card.

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