For a fleet owner, there are many important decisions to make for your operation. Which fuel to use is undoubtedly one of them, but many fleet owners may not fully realize how much a premium diesel fuel can increase overall efficiency and equipment longevity.  

Additives are the feature that separates premium from standard-grade diesel. These additives extend the life of both the fuel and the engine. Below are five benefits of using premium diesel that help keep your vehicle on the road and in top-performing condition.   

1. Keep your engine clean
Detergents do exactly what they sound like: keep your fuel and engine components clean. Detergents in your diesel reduce pesky buildup on engine parts. Clean parts mean improved fuel efficiency and greater horsepower.

2. Prevent deposits
Injection stabilizers address fuel oxidation problems and prevent deposits in injectors, which can prevent costly, unwanted downtime and maintenance. 

3. Keep unwanted moisture out
Demulsifier separates water from the fuel, preventing unwanted moisture from being carried through the fuel system. This creates less wear on injectors and makes for fewer filter replacements. 

4. Quicker start-ups
Cetane measures a fuel’s ignition delay — or how quickly the air and fuel mixture combusts in your engine. Premium diesel has a higher cetane, which means a shorter delay and better ignition quality, and leads to faster start-ups and reduced wear on your batteries and starter, along with less pollution. 

5. Reduce friction
Lubrication in an engine helps reduce overall friction. Diesel lubricants specifically reduce the friction and wear of the fuel pump and injection components. These engine parts are under intense pressure, and friction-reducing agents provide 10 to 15 percent better protection against friction and wear on the fuel pump than a typical #2 diesel fuel does.

Your engine is cleaner and runs more efficiently when all the engine components work together. A premium diesel can help make this happen by delivering more power and better fuel economy than a regular #2. In fact, tests have shown a 4.5 percent increase in power and a 5 percent increase in fuel economy compared to a typical diesel fuel.

In more than 14,000 hours of grueling real-world tests, CENEX ROADMASTER XL® prevented injection fouling and filter plugging while delivering premium power and fuel economy. If you have any questions about choosing the best product for your rig or equipment, contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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