You’ve just purchased a rig. Your No. 1 goal is to get it on the road as soon as possible, but hold on. Now is the time to pick up the owner’s manual and get better acquainted with your equipment. 

From oil changes to grease programs, your owner’s manual holds the key to maximizing your equipment’s performance. Here are three reasons you should read your owner’s manual today. 

1. You’ll know your equipment’s maintenance schedule
One of the most important things to know about your equipment is the maintenance schedule – and the owner’s manual will spell it out for you. Once upon a time, maintenance schedules for various rigs may have been largely similar. However, as equipment has become more precise, maintenance schedules have become more individualized to each manufacturer and model.

No matter how talented the mechanic, it’s almost impossible to keep up with every quirk, which is why owners also need to be aware of the specific maintenance needs of their equipment. At the end of the day, being familiar with the maintenance schedule has significant benefits.

2. You’ll see more uptime
Once you’re better acquainted with your equipment’s maintenance schedule, it’s much easier to coordinate a cadence that works for your fleet. Some fleet owners try to stretch their maintenance periods to minimize the time their equipment is in the shop. But this means potential issues have a chance to grow into real full-blown problems. Resisting the urge to extend maintenance windows means better functioning equipment and more overall uptime for your fleet. 

In addition, any performance measurements (including gas mileage) cited when purchasing a piece of equipment assume the owner will be following the prescribed maintenance schedule. If you don’t follow this schedule, your performance results will suffer. 

3. You’ll protect your warranty
Warranties aren’t just a key purchase benefit. They’re also a way for manufacturers to control their equipment’s performance. As engines and machinery get more and more advanced, even the smallest adjustment to the fuel, oil or other fluids you use can impact a piece of equipment’s efficiency. 

Owners need to protect their warranty by ensuring no maintenance mistakes occur. Even a small misunderstanding can render your warranty null and void. By reading your owner’s manual, you’re taking control of not only your equipment but also the benefits you purchased with it. 

Reading your owner’s manual is a vital way to understand your equipment and how it will perform best. With fleet technology changing quickly, owners need to do their part to stay knowledgeable on best practices. If you have questions about products after reviewing your owner’s manual, the CENEX® EQUIPMENT LOOK-UP TOOL can help provide recommendations so your vehicle continues to operate how it should, when it should. 
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