Here’s something fleet managers can get excited about – the technology for platooning is almost here. Platooning is when two trucks travel in-line and very close to each other, usually 40 to 50 feet. By creating airflows that help push both trucks, this practice can boost fuel economy without sacrificing safety.

The technology behind this is a wireless communications system that couples trucks through a combination of vehicle-to-vehicle communications, radar-based active braking systems and proprietary vehicle control algorithms. If the first truck brakes, the system automatically applies the brakes on the second truck, eliminating delays of human perception and reaction. All of this happens almost instantaneously – about 10 milliseconds between when the first truck brakes and the second truck recognizes this. While the system controls acceleration and braking, drivers maintain complete control of steering.

 The end result is a decrease in collisions and an increase in fuel economy for both trucks in the platoon.

Fleet Owner talked to industry experts to learn more about the technology aspects of platooning and the policy and regulatory aspects needed to get platooning on the road. Read the interview here.

 Even with advancements in technology, fleet owners and operators can improve fuel efficiencies with preventative vehicle maintenance and by selecting a premium diesel fuel designed to increase power and fuel efficiency, such as Cenex ROADMASTER XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel. Check out this post to learn more ways to get the most from every gallon.

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