The use of propane-powered school buses is increasing across the country. Many school districts are making the switch to propane-fueled buses as a safe, eco-friendly and economical way to transport students.

More than 10,000 propane-fueled school buses in 45 states are now transporting students, according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). Landmark Services Cooperative, a CHS partner in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, currently fuels about 70 school buses with more than 250,000 gallons of propane autogas. Landmark Services has found that once a school district gets started, it tends to prefer propane buses and increases propane-powered fleets because of the many benefits.

  • Increased reliability. Propane-operated school buses deliver a good performance every time, providing owners with energy security. The propane engines start easily even when temperatures plummet, and the buses warm up in about 10 minutes, significantly reducing idling time and fuel use. This also helps ensure that students arrive to school safely and on time.
  • Fewer emissions. Propane autogas fueled-buses emit 18 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline buses, according to PERC. School districts that have made the switch also appreciate clean-burning autogas as a way to help meet environmental initiatives.
  • Less noise. Propane’s high octane gives plenty of power, yet drivers have found that propane autogas buses run quietly as well.
  • Cost effective. Propane’s higher octane ratings allow for higher compression ratios and better engine efficiencies. Due to its clean burning properties, long-term maintenance costs are lower as propane-powered buses do not require additional fluids, additives or filters. Fleet owners who use propane autogas can also save money by taking advantage of federal, state and local incentives that may be available to them. You can calculate your own approximate cost savings with PERC’s Propane Autogas Calculator.

Learn more about the benefits of propane autogas and visit the Cenex locator to find a propane supplier near you.

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