Today's agricultural developments make it possible for farmers to guarantee appropriate fuel supply without lifting a finger – a capability that wasn't available a decade ago.

Thanks to advancements in technology, remembering to refill your bulk fuel tank doesn’t need to be stressful. As you enter growing season, consider enrolling in an automated fuel delivery program.

How it works

  1. An electronic fuel sensor on your tank signals when fuel drops below a pre-determined level, automatically alerting your distribution center that it’s time for a refill.
  2. Tank levels, fuel usage and deliveries can be conveniently monitored online.
  3. A variety of fuels can be delivered, including Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster®, Cenex Roadmaster XL®, Cenex® Biodiesel Fuels, Cenex® Gasolines (unleaded), #1 and #2 Seasonal Diesel Fuels, and home heating fuels.

The benefits

Reduced price volatility. With the average monthly pricing option, the cost for fuel is equal to the 30-day average price of fuel over the billing cycle, protecting you from market swings.

Flexible cash flow. Each month, the monitoring system estimates the amount of fuel used, billing you only for the amount used. Your funds aren’t tied up in the fuel for the tank and you have more flexibility with your money.

Accessibility. You’re no longer tied to the gauge on the side of your tank and can check fuel levels at your leisure.

If you’re interested in learning more about the efficiencies of automated fuel delivery, contact your local Cenex dealer.

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