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The Building Blocks of Quality Construction Fuels

Choose the right premium diesel fuel to power construction equipment.

Premium Diesel Fuel Makes a Difference

Cenex® premium diesel fuels contain an advanced injection stabilizer. Find out how this product is preventing downtime.

How Premium Diesel Benefits Your Fleet Over Time

Learn how premium diesel fuel affects your fleet over time.

Don't Forget Preventative Car Maintenance

Use this car maintenance checklist to help with your car maintenance routine.

Tips for Winterizing Bulk Fuel Storage

Prepare your bulk fuel storage tanks for winter with these simple tips.

Let Premium Diesel Help Provide Worry-Free Fun

Are you using a typical #2 diesel fuel in your personal truck to haul a camper or boat? If so, you’re not getting the benefits that come with using a premium diesel.

Benefits of Using Premium Diesel All Year

Our premium diesel expert dives into the benefits of using a quality diesel fuel throughout spring, summer and fall to ensure your equipment is operating in top condition.

Is TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline Worth the Investment?

It can be hard to figure out which type of gas to choose at the pump. A TOP TIER™ gasoline may be your best bet for better fuel economy and engine performance.