Are you tired of constantly checking your bulk tank gauge and worrying about running out of fuel, during the busiest time of the season? Are you frustrated by playing the ever-volatile fuel market, worrying if you will buy at the right time? Relax. With the Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery system (AFD), you never have to monitor tank levels or order fuel again and you will have fuel in your tanks when you need it, at a good price. 

Here are some answers to our customers’ most common questions about AFD.

How does Automated Fuel Deliver work? How do you know when to deliver my fuel?

A fuel sensor and electronic tank monitoring system are installed in your fuel tank. When the fuel drops to a predetermined level, a refill signal goes to your fuel distribution center. A truck is automatically sent to fill your tank.

How would automatic delivery benefit me?

The short answer is: peace of mind. You will have fuel in your tank when your operations require it. With Automated Fuel Delivery, you’ll spend less time worrying, checking tanks and waiting for deliveries. We take care of that for you. You’ll also get added benefits like reduced price volatility and the ability to check tank levels and fuel use from an online portal. Learn more about the benefits.

What are the billing options?

There are three options: deferred (where you only pay for what you use during the month), upon delivery (where you pay for the load when delivered) and fixed-price contract (where you can lock in a price for the delivery or usage in advance of placing an order).

What is average monthly pricing?

If you select deferred billing as your billing option, you will get the benefit of having average monthly pricing. With the average monthly pricing option, the price you pay for fuel is equal to the 30-day average price of fuel for the billing cycle in which you actually use the fuel. You don’t need to worry about where the market will go next or have to wait for the price to drop. Plus, you always have the option to own the fuel in your tank at any time if you like the current market price range.

Is this program only for large operations?

No, the AFD program benefits all sizes of farms and commercial businesses. Regardless of size of the business or tanks, customers can take advantage of the benefits of AFD and always have a reliable supply of fuel without the hassle of checking tanks and ordering fuel.

What fuels can be delivered?

Commercial businesses, farms, ranches and private homes can receive a variety of fuels, including Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster®, Cenex Roadmaster XL®, Cenex Biodiesel Fuels, Cenex gasolines (unleaded), #1 and #2 seasonal diesel fuels and home heating fuels. Our fuels come direct from the terminal so you can know you are getting fresh fuel when delivered into your tanks.

How can I check on my usage and tank levels?

Once enrolled in the program, you can check your tank levels and monitor fuel use and deliveries online 24/7 through a secure portal or you can choose to receive an email when specific tank levels are passed. 

What needs to happen before I start the program? 

First, your tanks will be profiled by your local co-op, meaning tanks are measured for exact size and GPS location, and products to be delivered are recorded. After setup, the monitor will begin sending readings to the distribution center.

Is there a cost to be in the program?

There is no charge to convert to the Cenex Automated Fuel Delivery System. Equipment fees may apply.

Learn more about Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery.

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