There are a number of different fuels that can be used in construction equipment as well as in the trucks that transport that equipment to job sites. How do you determine which fuel will best suit your needs? It’s not enough to use just any premium diesel fuel. Choosing one with the right components for the conditions in which your construction equipment is working will deliver the best results.

A variable duty cycle 

Generally speaking, equipment such as earth movers and dump trucks have a variable duty cycle, or percentage of time spent running and idle. Construction equipment usually runs at lower revolutions per minute for long periods of time, with a more stop-and-go cadence than other types of equipment. It also consistently works in dirt and dust, with ambient temperatures that can fluctuate between hot and cold, dry and humid. 

Ultimately, if a suboptimal fuel is used over time, that fuel isn’t going to function at the level that newer diesel engines require. And you know that in the construction business, ensuring equipment is able to perform throughout the life of the job is extremely important in maintaining profitability. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a diesel fuel for construction equipment:

  • Cold-weather performance. In many geographies, fuel must contain a component that helps prevent it from gelling in cold temps, which can clog tanks and fuel filters. 
  • Fuel stability. Temperature variations can generate condensation in the fuel tank and cause problems with an engine’s combustion cycle. 
  • Economic and environmental impact. Engines that are not operating at peak efficiency burn more fuel than necessary.

Choosing the right diesel fuel

Construction professionals may move to a premium diesel fuel because they’re experiencing sluggish starts, clogged injectors or reduced power. But relying on a premium diesel fuel only to solve a problem is not the optimal scenario. Instead, consistently using a premium diesel fuel that contains the benefits you need protects all engine components all the time, helping eliminate downtime and maximize uptime. 

Cenex® offers both an off-road and on-road premium diesel fuel for the construction industry:

These premium diesel fuels offer:

  • A demulsifier to keep moisture from entering the fuel system
  • Aggressive detergents to clean the fuel system
  • Injection stabilization to prevent fuel from coking 
  • A lubricity improver to protect moving parts from excessive wear and failure 
  • Corrosion inhibitors to protect fuel lines from rust
  • A storage stabilizer to extend storage life longer than typical #2 diesel 
  • A cetane improver to provide a more complete burn for a cleaner exhaust system 

Both fuels are also available in winterized formulas containing an additive package that enables extreme-low-temperature operability to prevent injector fouling and filter plugging to minimize costly downtime. 

Don’t wait for a problem to occur with your current fuel before taking corrective action. Be proactive by investing in a premium diesel fuel that checks all the boxes for your construction equipment’s needs. Talk with your local Cenex dealer about how Cenex premium diesel fuels can help your construction equipment run to last.

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