Whatever you drive, we all have to take extra precautions in the winter to stay safe and protect our vehicles. For diesel equipment owners, winter means being mindful of one engine component in particular: the fuel filter.

How winter causes fuel filter problems
The engines inside today’s high-performance diesel equipment are optimized for maximum efficiency, which means these machines have tight tolerances when it comes to fuel contaminants. That’s why modern fuel filters are finer than ever — to prevent even the smallest impurities from reaching a machine’s fuel line.

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The trouble is, when winter rolls around, fuel filters can be prone to plugging. As temperatures drop, the naturally occurring wax in diesel fuel begins binding together, creating the appearance of a white haze in the fuel known as fuel gelling. When a fuel gels, it can no longer pass through the filter — literally starving your engine of fuel.

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How to prevent winter fuel filter plugging
While fuel filter plugging can be a big problem for your operation in the winter, preventing it is easy with the right fuel. CENEX® WINTERMASTER® is engineered to fight the cold and keep your equipment running even through the harshest winter conditions. Here’s how:

  • Just the right blend: To strengthen the no. 2 diesel at its base, Cenex Wintermaster blends in a portion of no. 1 diesel, which is free of natural waxes. Less wax to begin with means less wax to potentially plug filters.
  • Cold flow improver (CFI): While it’s impossible to remove all wax from no. 2 diesel, it is possible to stop it from binding together. CFI dissolves waxy bonds so fuel can pass through a filter unrestricted.
  • A fully balanced additive package: Like all Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels, Cenex Wintermaster is enhanced with a more complete additive package for a more complete burn, optimizing performance in all engines.

From icy roads to surprise snowstorms, cold weather brings plenty of risks on its own. That’s why winter is no time for diesel equipment owners to take chances with their fuel. Contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER for Cenex Wintermaster availability near you and leave winter fuel filter plugging out in the cold.


Photo courtesy of Flickr.com.


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