Learn how to get the most from fuel with these tips.

Store your fuel correctly.

You can save fuel before it ever reaches the tractor. Paint above ground fuel tanks a light color and keep them shaded to prevent the loss of fuel by evaporation. 

Perform regular maintenance on your engines and tires.

Routine replacement of lubricants and air and fuel filters can reduce fuel use while increasing horsepower. Proper pressure and alignment helps minimize resistance, which can reduce fuel efficiency. Check your owner’s manual for information on correct inflation pressure.

Gear up and throttle back.

“Gear up and throttle back” is a fuel-saving practice that’s used when the load pulled requires less than 70 percent of the tractor’s power. Farmers can save fuel by shifting to a higher gear and slowing the engine speed (rpm) to maintain the desired speed.

Use the correct tractor size for the job.

Use your smallest, lightest tractor for light loads and jobs to get the best fuel efficiency. For operations that require more horsepower, go with a larger tractor to avoid overloading smaller tractors, which increases fuel consumption.

Optimize efficiency with effective travel patterns.

Every minute spent on turning, road travel and opening gates results in higher fuel consumption and lost productivity. Lay out your fields to minimize turning and overlapping tillage operations. Plan your on-road travel efficiently. And install cattle guards to reduce idling and time spent opening gates.

Choose quality products.

Quality oils, lubricants and fuel can help increase fuel efficiency, while extending engine life. Cenex offers engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gear lubricants and greases specifically formulated for use in tractors and other agricultural equipment. For fuel, go with Ruby Fieldmaster®, a premium diesel that can improve fuel economy by as much as 5 percent.

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