With the advancements of today’s high-tech engines, farmers often rely on one piece of equipment to accomplish what three used to do. This means equipment is even more valuable to an operation than past years — making downtime more detrimental.

Operators cannot afford to spend time and money on maintenance, such as frequently changing diesel fuel filters and mixing separate additives into the fuel tank. However, using the right premium diesel fuel can actually eliminate these unnecessary maintenance steps while providing improved engine efficiency and power.

Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® is one of the first agriculture diesel fuels to contain an advanced injection stabilizer that cleans up and prevents injector deposits, keeping equipment operating at its full potential. Here are a few other benefits that Cenex premium diesel fuel can have for your operation:

  • Restore fuel economy by as much as 5%.
  • Restore power by up to 4.5%.
  • Boost lubrication by 10% to 15%.
  • Protect against cold weather and water damage, ensured by a complete additive package.
  • Provide quicker, more efficient starts with a higher cetane number (typically 47 to 49).
  • Extend the life of injectors and injector pumps, and therefore the overall life of your equipment.
  • Reduce downtime and costly repairs.

Choosing the right product is just one valuable step to improving fuel efficiency on your farm. These days, having one machine out of commission can ruin an entire operation. Contact your local Cenex dealer to learn more.

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