When it comes time to fuel up, consumers have plenty of options to choose from. But what separates a standard #2 diesel fuel from a premium diesel fuel and which might be right for you? Let’s break it down.

What’s the difference between standard #2 diesel and premium diesel fuel?

Standard #2 diesel, the most common general-purpose type of diesel fuel, is refined from crude oil for both on-road and off-road diesel engine vehicles.

A premium diesel is a diesel fuel containing any additional performance enhancing additive or additives that are designed to optimize engine performance, fuel economy, and combat regular engine wear and tear. 

Are all premium fuels alike?

No, both base fuels and additives used to achieve “premium” status can vary widely by supplier. In fact, the only requirement to call a product a “premium diesel” is the addition of a single additive. This can cause confusion in the market as to how a premium diesel may impact equipment performance.

Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel fuel is different, as it not only offers a quality base fuel, it also includes an enhanced, multi-functional additive package formulated for the rugged demands of agriculture. The formulation includes:

  • an advanced, aggressive detergency package that breaks down, removes and prevents deposit buildup in both new and dirty equipment     
  • a two-phase total water management system that safeguards fuel integrity and combustion systems     
  • improved biostability and maximum filterability that extends the life of filters, protects fuel injectors and pumps, and keeps exhaust aftertreatment systems clear   
  • the benefits of clean, balanced, complete combustion, including a reduction in exhaust cylinder temperature deviations, improved fuel efficiency, and increased equipment power   

Cenex fuels are continually researched and tested to ensure the highest quality premium diesel fuel on the market. That’s why we can confidently offer our unequaled Cenex Total Protection Plan® diesel fuel warranty.

I’ve been using #2 diesel for years without a problem. Why switch now?

Over time, your engine’s fuel pump and injectors get dirty — a gradual, hard-to-notice process that reduces both engine performance and fuel economy.   

Standard #2 fuel contains no additives to reduce wear, extend storage life or reduce the formation of gum, varnish and corrosion, but premium diesel fuels like Cenex Roadmaster XL have been fortified with additives that work together to combat these issues.   

In fact, under the most advanced industry tests, Cenex Roadmaster XL® prevented injector fouling and filter plugging while delivering premium power and fuel economy. Tests have also shown Cenex premium diesel fuel can restore engine power by up to 4.5 percent compared to standard #2.

Why not just buy an over-the-counter additive for my #2 fuel?

Many over-the-counter additives simply have solvents that offer very limited benefits. Plus, they usually cost you more than a premium fuel. 

And unlike Cenex premium diesel fuels, which are terminally-injected for precise blending and performance, splash-blending with over-the-counter additives can combine additives unevenly, leaving you with inconsistent protection and performance.

What’s included in the additive package? What does it do?

Our enhancements work together with five additional benefits to provide superior power and performance to get the job done even in the toughest conditions.

Cenex premium diesel fuels are precisely formulated with a terminally injected additive package that provides the power, fuel efficiency and reliable engine performance you need to get the job done on the road and in the field.

Learn more about the benefits of Cenex Roadmaster XL® at Cenex.com.



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