On-site diesel fuel storage for construction equipment doesn’t have to be cumbersome or complicated. A few simple steps can help you alleviate problems and optimize fuel performance. Here are tips for successfully storing bulk diesel fuel on your construction site.

  1. Keep water out of the storage tank
    Water in off-road diesel construction vehicle engines can cause fuel injector clogging, fuel pump failure and other problems that could impede productivity and profitability. To avoid these issues, check your tank for water after every on-site fuel delivery. Drain water from your tank quarterly, especially before winter. Using a high-performance diesel fuel with a two-phase total water management system, like Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster®, separates water from fuel and pulls it to the bottom of the tank for easy draining. Then, the second phase of this system encapsulates any remaining water molecules for a safe passage through the combustion chamber.
  2. Keep the storage tank clean
    Make sure your overall tank maintenance is up to date. This includes regularly changing fuel filters and checking fuel lines, submitting bottom-of-the-tank fuel samples to be checked annually (if your fuel smells like rotten eggs, there’s residue on the bottom) and thoroughly cleaning fuel storage tanks every few years.
  3. Monitor storage tank accessories for wear and tear
    Regularly inspect tank gauges, hatches, vents and fill caps, and promptly replace any worn or damaged parts.
  4. Position the storage tank properly 
    Make sure your tank fill area is aboveground and away from locations where rainwater and contaminants could enter the tank.
  5. Use the proper fuel to optimize performance
    As mentioned, Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster premium diesel fuel is enhanced with a two-phase total water management system to make managing water within your diesel fuel easier. It also contains improved storage stability to extend storage life longer than typical #2 diesel fuel, along with other additives to reduce downtime and maintenance costs as well as restore fuel economy and power.

Maintain your fuel storage tank properly and talk with your local Cenex dealer to see how using a premium diesel fuel can help you avoid equipment performance problems and enhance profitability potential on your construction site.


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