There are lots of decisions to make at the pump. How should you pay? Receipt or no receipt? And most important of all, which grade of gasoline should you use? You may think a 91 rating is better than 87, but do you really know which is best for your vehicle?

A quick crash course: the number you see on the pump refers to the amount of octane present in the gasoline. What’s octane, you ask? Octane determines the speed and temperature of combustion. The higher the octane number, the higher the temperature needs to reach before the gasoline burns. 87, or regular gasoline, burns the quickest and coolest. 

But is premium fuel worth the extra cost? It depends. In the past, premium gasoline has been required mostly in high-performance or higher-end vehicles. But today, many lower-cost vehicles are using smaller displacement turbocharged engines to boost fuel efficiency and may also require higher-octane fuel to achieve their optimal miles-per-gallon. Check your owner’s manual to see what type of fuel is required for your vehicle. To learn more, watch the video below.

No matter what octane rating you use, choosing CENEX® TOP TIER™ DETERGENT GASOLINE is always your best bet. TOP TIER gasoline comes with an additive package that burns more cleanly and efficiently — allowing your engine to run as effectively as possible. To find TOP TIER gas near you, use the CENEX LOCATION FINDER

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