Winter is here, which means it’s time for snow, dry weather and…creaky door hinges. Many areas around the house naturally expand and contract with the change of seasons, often leaving parts of our houses noisier than usual. And while you can’t stop the temperature from dropping, you can apply grease to help keep things working smoothly. 

So what type of greases should you be using? 
Many homeowners may not think about it, but a traditional grease will often serve needs in the home just as well as it serves outdoor equipment or cars. 

While aerosol spray lubricants are popular because of their ease of use, they may not be the best-performing product. 

Traditional grease that comes in a tube can be easily applied to tricky areas like door hinges using a paint brush. All-purpose products like Cenex® Red Protect XT™ are formulated to sit in vertical spaces—and stay there. Aerosol sprays, since they’re thinner, can slide out of the areas that need lubrication most. 

This season, tackle hinges, door knobs and locks with a traditional grease and get the job done right the first time. 

Look outside 
While you’re thinking about grease, take stock of some things outside your house that could also use some extra TLC this season. Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong—so an extra coating of grease is a great way to ensure things keep running smoothly.

- Garage door. The door’s up-and-down movement can be a source of friction, sometimes enough to even get it stuck. Lubricating the wheels in the tracks and the overhead track will help the door continue to function well, even during the coldest days. 

- Shed and gate hinges. In many parts of the country, winter means more elements like snow and wind. This can lead to moisture working its way into delicate areas like hinges and latches. A little grease, though, will protect metal components and help maintain functionality. 

- Snow blowers, snowmobiles and other winter equipment. Before busting out your winter equipment, grease moving parts like gears, wheels and cable junctions for smoother service while operating. 

This season, give winter woes the slip—be they inside or outside—with a high-quality grease from Cenex®. Find lubricants to suit all your needs at

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