A generator is more than just a power source: It’s a way to protect your investments. When the weather takes a turn and the power goes out, having a generator with a reliable energy source can help keep your home or business running.

Gasoline generators are relatively common but using propane as a backup fuel is on the rise. If you’re in the market to replace an existing generator or to purchase a new one, consider a propane-powered model. Here are the benefits for using propane as your power source.

1. Propane generators are readily available.

A fuel-powered generator is worthless if it’s out of gas. Propane generators are convenient and reliable because all you need is an onsite storage tank and access to a road for delivery. For extra convenience, you can have a tank monitor installed, so you and your supplier will automatically know when you need a refill.

2. Propane’s shelf life is limitless.

A generator is a great safety net, but not one you hope to use very often.  Propane doesn’t have an expiration date and does not require additional stabilizers for long-term storage, so there’s no need to winterize your propane-powered generator for cold weather. You can be confident your generator will be ready when you need it.

3. Propane is cleaner burning.

Propane is a clean-burning fuel. Reduced emissions aren’t just better for the environment and local air quality, but propane generators generally require less maintenance, which means more reliability and longer lasting performance. But remember, all generators – propane or fuel burning – need to remain outside of houses, buildings or garages to allow the escape of carbon monoxide.

Protecting your business and home is important, and there’s no single answer for choosing the right backup fuel. However, with its shelf life and availability, propane can be a simple choice. Reach out to YOUR CHS DISTRIBUTOR for more information.

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