Because of its portability, safety and long shelf life, propane is an ideal energy source for camping trips. It’s also incredibly versatile. Here are some ways propane can help enhance your next camping or RV trip.

Propane in Motor Homes

The propane system in an RV provides heat and hot water, as well as power for the stove and refrigerator.

There are two basic types of propane systems on RVs: portable cylinders and permanently installed tanks. Fifth-wheel units, travel trailers and folding campers typically use portable cylinders that are positioned upright and mounted to the outside or inside a recessed compartment. Motor homes typically use a single tank, which is permanently installed underneath the chassis.

To learn how to properly care for and maintain RV propane systems, visit this Cenexperts post.

Propane Camp Stoves

Because it’s less expensive, accessible and easy to use, propane makes an ideal fuel source for camp stoves. Propane also lights instantly and burns cleaner than other options.

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Propane Tent Heaters

Maybe it’s a little early in the season for sleeping outdoors. Or maybe a storm blows in from nowhere, leaving you wet and shivering in your tent. These are the times when a portable tent heater can make all the difference.

Using single cans of propane, these portable heaters can keep a tent warm for several hours. Look for heaters with safety features such as accidental tip-over shutoff, push-button ignition and oxygen depletion sensors.

Always read the manufacturer's packaging and operating instructions for proper use and handling. Be sure to look for and read information about safe indoor use and safety features.

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For more information on propane safety in general, contact your local propane dealer or visit the Cenex propane safety webpage. Need to refill or exchange your propane cylinder? Find a Cenex dealer near you.

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