Vacation is on the minds of many – especially this time of year. Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time to break out the RV for some much-deserved R&R.

But before you hit the road in your coach, it’s important to perform a few simple maintenance tasks to make sure your first camping trip of the season is as safe as it is fun. Check these off your list, and you’ll be hitting the road in no time!


Keep Moving Parts Running Smoothly

Regular oil changes for your RV are important, and the beginning of summer is a great time to do this, particularly if your RV has been in storage all winter. Starting the season with fresh lubrication is a smart way to keep the moving parts inside your engine protected and your fuel economy at its peak – look into using a synthetic lube like CENEX® MAXTRON® ENVIRO-EDGE® for diesel engines or CENEX® MAXTRON® PCMO for gas-powered engines

But don’t forget, the engine isn’t the only part of your RV that needs lubrication – there are many moving parts on its exterior, as well. You might think of using an aerosol spray for these spots, but while this may be the easier application, it’s not always the best product for this sort of job. Because aerosol grease sprays are thinner, they can easily slide out of the places that need lubrication the most.

Instead, try a traditional grease in a tube, like CENEX RED PROTECT XT™. An all-purpose product, Red Protect XT is formulated to go wherever you need it to – and stay there. What’s more, it can be easily applied, even to the toughest spots to get at, with a paintbrush. A little grease to all your RV’s moving parts – such as jacks, door hinges and rails for any slide-out compartments – can go a long way toward preventing deterioration from rust and corrosion.


Replace and Maintain Fuel Filters

Another step to getting your RV road-ready this summer is to change your fuel filters. Designed to stop debris or impurities that may be in your fuel from making it into your engine, fuel filters play a vital role in keeping your RV healthy.

It’s important to replace filters because, over time, particles build up on them. A plugged filter requires the fuel pump to work harder, which can lead to breakdowns. To help keep your RV’s fuel pump and engine at their peak, replace fuel filters every 12 months or 15,000 miles.

For added protection against filter plugging, use a premium diesel like CENEX ROADMASTER XL® or CENEX® TOP-TIER DETERGENT GASOLINE. Thanks to its industry-leading, multi-functional additive package, Roadmaster XL helps prevent deposits on vital engine components such as fuel filters, while increasing fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent compared to a standard #2 diesel.


Get a Propane System Checkup

You should also schedule a checkup for your propane system as you prepare for the summer driving season. It’s important to have this inspected annually by a certified technician. They’ll look for any leaks in the system, inspect valves and fittings, and ensure your cylinder is free from damage such as corrosion or dents.

If you’re low on propane, a certified technician can also help you replace the tank. To restock your propane supply, purchase CENEX PROPANE directly from your local Cenex propane supplier. To find a dealer near you, use our online LOCATIONS FINDER and filter results for “Propane Distributor.”

With your tank filled, a certified technician can inspect any propane-powered appliances in your RV and can relight pilot lights. The Propane Education Research Council has  MORE INFORMATION about safely maintaining and using propane in your RV. 

Perform these easy upkeep tasks, and you’ll thank yourself. Some simple maintenance at the start of the season can keep your RV in top shape for many more vacations to come.

Once your RV is cruising down the highway, don’t forget that when it’s time for a pit stop, Cenex is never far away. Your passengers can see LOCATIONS ON YOUR ROUTE straight from their mobile phones. Happy camping!

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