Long gone are the days of stale hot dogs and cold nacho cheese. Convenience stores are beginning to offer more fresh, healthy options like salads, fruits and vegetables, as well as prepared food.

In 2013, produce sales at convenience stores were up 16.7 percent, double the overall 7.3 percent growth rate of produce in the United States, according to research by the National Association of Convenience Stores.

Here are five ideas for healthy and nutritious foods you can enjoy on the go.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Many convenience stores have begun carrying fresh fruits and vegetables in whole form or prepackaged containers. Whether it’s a banana or a single serving of baby carrots, you’ll be eating healthy.

Nuts and Trail Mix

Mixed nuts are a delicious way to get a serving of protein and fiber. Opt for a trail mix that’s made mostly of heart-healthy nuts and fiber-rich dried fruit.


More convenience stores are beginning to carry a variety of cheeses, from the kiddie string cheese to blocks of cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella and more. These calcium-rich snacks are also packed with protein to help you focus on the road.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Low-calorie, low-fat, hard-boiled eggs make a quick, nutritious snack if you’re in a hurry and can be mixed in with a salad or sandwich.

Peanut Butter

Like eggs, nuts and trail mix, peanut butter is a great source of protein. Spread it on some whole-wheat crackers, and you’ll have a snack that’s full of protein and fiber, which will keep you feeling full.

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