Stopping at your local Cenex® store often involves filling your gas tank, washing the windows or taking a bathroom break. For many, it also means a snack run at the c-store. Whether it’s a last-minute contribution to a potluck, a doughnut and coffee to start the day or fueling up for a road trip, Cenex c-stores are more than just gas stations.

Some go-to c-store snacks include the classic chips, candy and soda pop. We all know our favorites, but did you know this? It takes four pounds of potatoes to make a single pound of potato chips, and the air in the bag isn’t there to fool you into thinking you were going to get more chips. It serves a real purpose: The air creates a cushion to prevent chips from breaking during transport. It also keeps the chips fresher for longer.

Looking for something sweet instead of salty? Grab a Tootsie Pop! Named after the inventor’s daughter, a Tootsie Roll is deep in the center of the Tootsie Pop’s hard candy coating. And the answer to the “how many licks” classic advertisement? On average, it takes 364 licks to reach the Tootsie Roll center.

Looking for chewing gum inside your lollipop instead? Better be sure it’s fresh: The oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9,000 years old.

Soda hasn’t been around quite as long. Whether you call it soda, pop, soft drinks or coke, the beverage carbonation process was invented in 1767. By the 1880s, several well-known sodas we still enjoy today had already been invented, including cola and root beer. Across the world, you can find a wide range of soda flavors like cucumber in Japan, black garlic in Switzerland and onion in South Korea.

You may or may not start your day off with a soda, but you might be stopping at your local Cenex to grab a doughnut. Whether glazed or sprinkled, chocolate or blueberry, more than 10 billion doughnuts are made annually in the United States.

And just in case you were wondering, the largest doughnut ever made was 16 feet across and weighed 1.7 tons. 

From chips to candy to soda to doughnuts, Cenex c-stores have been providing communities with all sorts of convenience store staples since 1988. Each of the more than 1,500 locations has a unique array of snacks it provides. Find  your local Cenex c-store with the CENEX LOCATION FINDER
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