Put down the electric shaver. Step away from the cartoon-themed ties. Here’s a list of gift ideas that the motorhead in your life will really love.

Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator

Price: $34.99


Ever have that nightmare where you’re driving, miles away from a service station, and your low-pressure light come on? Now you can be prepared for any low-pressure situation with the Slime 12-volt digital tire inflator. It’s small, easy-to-transport and plugs directly into a vehicle’s cigarette jack. An LCD display shows your tires’ PSI, and the inflator automatically shuts off once the desired pressure has been reached.

Coway Portable Air Sanitizer

Price: $189.99 and up

The evergreen-shaped air freshener is a thing of the past. In-car air sanitizers are the future. The Coway portable air sanitizer features a two-stage filtration system that deodorizes while removing pollutants. Coway claims the bipolar ionizer system deactivates bacteria, viruses and allergenic particles. The best part? It’s small enough to fit in the cup holder.

Vority Dual USB Car Charger

Price: $10-30

You’re on a long road trip when your kids’ tablet and your phone die at the same time. Both are necessary, but which will you charge first? Well, with the Vority dual charger, you won’t have to make that tough choice again. You can charge both simultaneously, at full speed. Plus, the Vority stops charging when over current or voltage is detected to prevent damage to your battery.


Price: $79.99

This one’s for the tech lover on your list. Automatic has a crazy amount of features. So many that I’m not sure if I can fit them all into this small paragraph, but I’ll try. Automatic consists of an app and the Link, a palm-size device, wireless device that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic (OBD-II) port. The Link logs your trips and engine health, sending all the data back to your phone. Want to improve your gas mileage? Automatic will give you tips, based on your driving style. ‘Check engine’ light on? Automatic will connect to your vehicle’s onboard computer, decipher the trouble code and offer you a solution. The Crash Alert feature can detect a crash and notify authorities of your location. Wondering if your teen is obeying traffic laws? Yes, it will let you know that too. And, most importantly, it remembers where you parked. 

 Mechanix Wear Original Touch Glove

Price: $24.99

Equipped with three-finger conductivity and four designated contact points, the Original Touch glove allows the motorhead in your life to use touch screen devices without removing his or her gloves.

 WeatherTech Floor Mat

Price: $100 and up

These high-quality floor mats are pefect for both the dirt-fearing and dirt-loving drivers on your list. WeatherTech’s entire line of more than 5,000 car floor mats, mud flaps, rooftop cargo carriers and side-window deflectors are made in America. The company also sources its rubber compounds and nearly all its machinery from North America.

Cenex Gift Card

Price: $5 and up

For the motorhead who has everything, go with a Cenex gift card. These can be purchased online or in-store and can be used for fuel, snacks, drinks and in-store items.


Cover photo courtesy of Flickr user gadl. Product photos courtesy of manufacturers.

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