Gas stations — you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all…right? When it’s time to stop and fill up, one gas station can seem just like the next, but in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unlike other convenience stores, Cenex® locations are independently owned and operated, meaning that each station is just as unique as the community it serves. We hit the road to find some of the most unique, and the stations we uncovered truly break the mold.


Oasis Travel Center

If you’re cruising down a Kansas freeway and come upon a grove of palm trees, don’t be alarmed. That’s not a mirage you’re seeing — it’s a genuine oasis. Just off I-70 in Colby, Kan., lies the Oasis Travel Center, a favorite pit stop for road trippers.

With snacks, truck services, a gift shop and more, this massive complex has everything to meet the needs of both casual travelers and long-haul truckers alike. And it gets better. Do you have the kids or the dog with you? Here, they can both run off some energy — the Oasis Travel Center has both a playground and a dog park onsite. There may be no place like home, but if you’re traveling through Kansas, the Oasis Travel Center comes in a real close second.

Visit Oasis Travel Center at 700 W. Horton Ave., Colby, KS 67701.


Raceway Square

Step aside, Indianapolis, because there’s another racing capital that’s hot on your tail: Brainerd, Minn. Way up in the North Woods (don’t go too far or you’ll hit Canada), this unassuming little town is home to some of the most tire-squealing, engine-revving road rivalry — not to mention the largest racetrack — in the whole Upper Midwest.

All those racers have to fill up somewhere, though. Enter Raceway Square. While a quality gasoline like CENEX® TOP TIER™ DETERGENT GASOLINE is the perfect choice for cruising around town or hitting the open road, a high-performance race car needs a different kind of juice. At Raceway Square, racers can stock up on all the high-octane they need to carry them to victory.

Visit Raceway Square at 17977 MN-371, Brainerd, MN 56401.


Corner Cenex

If you thought these last two Cenex stores were wild cards, have we got news for you. When it comes to going wild, there’s no beating Corner Cenex in West Yellowstone, Mont. Located just one city block off Yellowstone National Park, Corner Cenex is a convenience store that couldn’t be more convenient, literally.

Not only does Corner Cenex offer a full array of gas station staples like coffee and snacks, but it also carries many outdoor essentials, including hunting licenses and even fishing supplies. Whatever you need to get back to nature or to fuel your trip to the park, chances are you can get it at Corner Cenex. While you’re there, be sure to check out the restored glass-top gas pump!

Visit Corner Cenex at 136 N. Canyon St., West Yellowstone, MT 59758.


CBH Cooperative

From the roar of the engine to the wind in your face, there’s no way to experience the open road like riding a motorcycle. And for 10 straight days each summer, 500,000 of the most die-hard riders descend on one small town tucked away in the Black Hills — that’s right, we’re talking about Sturgis, S.D.

Located in prime joyriding country, CBH Cooperative in Sturgis is the perfect pit stop for motorheads at the world’s largest biker rally. From hot sandwiches to cold drinks to PREMIUM GASOLINE, CBH Cooperative has all the fuel a bike — and its rider — could ever need. So go ahead, take that chopper out for a test drive — just be sure to say hi to us in Sturgis.

Visit CBH Cooperative at 2030 Lazelle St., Sturgis, SD 57785.

When it comes to Cenex locations, no two are alike. Even so, there’s one thing they have in common: each and every one is Powered Locally®, committed to providing community members and travelers alike exactly what they need while on the road. To find your local Cenex, check out our LOCATIONS FINDER.
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